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Host Placement

When a worker is temporarily unable to return to their pre-injury employer during a return to work program, our consultants source and secure suitable temporary employment inline with the worker's medical capacity for activities. This enables the worker to maintain a work routine, social interaction and progression of their return to work program in a safe environment.

Vocational Assessment

We assess the worker to identify vocational options and recommend strategies to achieve the vocational options. Realistic vocational options are identified by analysing the worker’s work profile and matching the work profile with a suitable work environment. The work profile includes a description of the worker’s transferable skills, abilities, aptitude, interests, preferences, restrictions and work capacities. Job options are then analysed for their match with the worker’s profile.


Where it has been deemed that a worker is unable to return to their pre-injury role or through redundancy, our employment consultants can prepare for

redeployment through Job Seeking Activities and identifying and securing suitable employment.

Job Seeking Activities

Our employment consultants ensure clients are putting their best foot forward to prospective employers by assisting with résumé development, cover letter development, addressing selection criteria, recruitment agency and job seeking website registrations, job interview coaching.