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Ergonomic Assessment

Our ergonomic assessments are conducted at the workplace by a qualified physiotherapist or occupational therapist, involving a one-on-one assessment of a worker's workstation. Our clients are provided with a report including worker's background, any changes/suggestions made during the assessments and recommendations, including any suggested/modified equipment.

We conduct ergonomic assessments for new workers (prevention) and also for workers who are experiencing concerns with their current workstation set up or who may require workstation modifications due to injury.

Pre-employment Assessment

Our assessments are designed to reduce the risk of work-related injury or exacerbation of existing injury by assessing the individual's

physical suitability to job requirements. Assessments typically include; medical history; musculoskeletal assessment; functional assessment; manual handling capacity; BMI; blood pressure; drug testing; vision testing; and fitness rating.

Our pre-employment health and functional assessments can be tailored to the specific physical requirements of your workplace/job

and are conducted by a qualified physiotherapist.

Manual Handling


Our physiotherapist conduct an assessment of the workplace to identify areas for improvement and provide practical recommendations for minimising workplace injuries. Assessment can include observation of tasks being performed, analysis of equipment/machinery and general work practices. Manual handling assessments are recommended prior to development of tailored manual handling training for optimal outcomes.


We provide tailored manual handling training following a discussion or review of the workplace and observation of tasks being performed. Refresher sessions are recommended where there has been a change in;

  • work processes;
  • staffing; or
  • equipment/machinery

Manual handling training can be tailored to fit into a client's budget and objectives.